Chronic fatigue could possibly be treated

An Anti-cancer drug could be a treatment for Chronic Fatigue (CFS) also known as myalgic encephalmyelitis. I myself have suffered from CFS and still struggle to get the energy others seem to have, I have also found that during times of illness or fatigue, my white blood cell count would be higher.

“Rituximab works by destroying white blood cells that make antibodies, called B cells. The results of the trial therefore suggest that these white blood cells might be involved in causing CFS – a disorder also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), and one that has so far defied explanation.”

Having suffered almost 5 years of 60% disablement from CFS I can tell you that it is a very frustrating condition. Especially when you find yourself getting ill from doing excercise, it’s meant to be the other way round!

More info can be found in the below article.

via Chronic fatigue syndrome eased by cancer drug – health – 19 October 2011 – New Scientist.


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