Windows Phone Tips and Tricks–Battery Life

Finding that your Windows Phone 7.5 device is not lasting as long as it used to be? Well here is a tip on what i found to be reducing my battery life fairly significantly.

Go to your settings, then swipe left to applications settings. Click background tasks.

Now you may find some programs in there that you really do not care if they are so up to date, they will be running in the background especially if they have a live tile with updates.

For me I had Birthdays and HTC Hub running but don’t use them much, so i click them and turned them to off. I still have WPCentral running and under advanced there are 8 background tasks running all up.

I did however find that my battery life today has been noticeably better. It’s 4.14pm and my battery is at 60% with 7 hours since last charge and 8 hours left. Smile


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