Android, Blackberry and Nokia are tracking your every move

A small peice of software called Carrier IQ is responsible for logging every thing you do on your phone and reportedly serves the purpose of deliver usability metrics to your carrier and/or handset manufacturer.

Eckhardt labeled the software a rootkit and was switfly attacked by the Calafornia based company, thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the company has now backed off.

The software cannot be disabled or uninstalled unless tou “root” your phone and load a custom rom.

“Though the software is installed on most modern Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones, Carrier IQ was virtually unknown until 25-year-old Trevor Eckhart of Connecticut analyzed its workings, revealing that the software secretly chronicles a user’s phone experience — ostensibly so carriers and phone manufacturers can do quality control.”

via Researcher’s Video Shows Secret Software on Millions of Phones Logging Everything | Threat Level |


Digital Drugs of the Future

Rohit Talwar, founder of Fast Future Research, was charged by the givernment to investigate the drugs landscape over the next 20 years.

He described how genetic sampling could allow targeted drugs based on your physiology, which could apply to both narcotics as well as medicines.

“He imagined that they could be used in a club environment where the DJ would release nanoparticles that the audience could ingest. These could then be used to trigger the desired state at a particular point during his or her set using an electrical stimulus (from a headset) into the crowd’s brains.”

The article below goes on to further explain some of the background to these ideas:

via Digital Narcotics May Be the Future of Drugs | Wired Science |

Windows Phone demo – give it a try now on any device

Microsoft want you to experience Windows Phone 7, no mater what device you may have now.
If you have wondered what all the hype was about or even if you have never heard of Windows Phone 7, you should do yourself a favour and give it a try today. Who knows, you may well be pleasently surprised. (in fact i can almost guarentee that 😉
Windows Phone demo.

HTC not violating FlashPoint patent

A small win for HTC with the ITC today with a case against them by FlashPoint.

ITC ruled that it was not infringing even though three other manufacturers had settled.

“An ITC judge said in July that HTC did not infringe the FlashPoint technology in making its Android and Windows smartphones. The full commission upheld that decision.

The ITC said it terminated the investigation.”

via HTC does not violate FlashPoint patent, ITC says | Reuters.

Gizmodo Awards 2011: Best Cable/ADSL ISP

In the annual Gizmodo awards we have now the ISP provider vote:

I must admit TPG have very agrerssive pricing but, being in the industry, I’ve also heard reports of slow networks due to so many leechers on the network. (High allowances encourage high usage and cause congestion on the networks).
Internode came in a close second demonstrating that end users can still identify a true reliable provider. In my opinion Internode is second to none, like i say “you will find cheaper but you won’t find better”.

iiNet won the Editors choice which is a reasonable choice as they offer great value, huge free zone allowances and are quite good for the most part. I personally had a run in with their plan changes when Annex M was released and we had a dissagreement on the method of change from non metered uploads to metered uploads. At the time upload metering was unheard of but it’s quite normal for low end plans now. A $90 exit fee was charged and refused to be dropped so we parted company and with Internode i’ve never looked back.

Gizmodo Awards 2011: Best Cable/ADSL ISP | Gizmodo Australia.

Google Galaxy Nexus a Gizmodo review

It’s just a Gizmodo review and part two of one at that (it links to the first part though), but it is another phone worth considering, perhaps….
Personally I think i have made my choice abundantly clear lol but there are other good phones, The Samsung Galaxy SII just won editors and readers choice of best smartphone of 2011 on Gizmodo and quite rightly too as it is a great phone. I porbably should have linked a review of it sometime lol

Have a read of the below however and rememebr that there is always choice, that’s what a free and open market does best 🙂

Google Galaxy Nexus: Second Thoughts | Gizmodo Australia.

HTC toughing it out in slow down

I posted about HTC yesterday and the below article sheds a little more light on some of the struggles faced by the Taiwanese manufacturer.

Hurdles include the popularity of Samsungs handsets and in part of course the iCrap devices, slowing smartphone sales, falling behind technologies such as screen quality and battery sizes and a drop in consumer spennding. HTC is also working on entering the Chinese market, which ironically it has not had much presence in due to it’s high end moniker.

HTC certainly has some work ahead but still continues to offer great value and quality constructed phones. It remains to be seen what the next generation due out next yeart bring but knowing HTC it’ll be high quality and rock solid.
HTC to tough out slowdown as strategy doubts grow | Reuters.