HTC warns of Q4 drop

HTC has long made smart and innovative phones that look great. In recent times they have enjoyed significant growth and a leading market presence.

In my opinion they are number one in all area’s but they are in fact number 5 in market share right now. They enjoy a reasonable stance against Apple and Samsung and work closely with Microsoft and the Android community to bring us choice in our telecommunications gadgets.

In a recent announcement however, HTC have warned of an especially low fourth quarter in a usual down time for phone sales. This has shocked investors who have had no reason to expect anything less than solid growth.

I perosonally beleive this will just be a small speed hump to HTC and with new Windows Phone handsets with impressive specs as well as some innovative Android phones such as the EVO 3D, HTC will continue to hold a siginificant market share and will continue to bring us innovative choice, unlike some of it’s compeditors.

“HTC had a fairytale ride in 2010 and early 2011, with its shares more than tripling in the 14 months to April 2011 and sales growing four-fold in one and a half years as consumers snapped up its innovative phones with their distinctive large clock numerals.

But HTC on Monday shocked the market with a forecast for fourth-quarter revenue to fall to T$125-135 billion from T$135.8 billion in the third quarter, and shipments falling to 12-13 million units from 13.2 million in the third quarter.”

via Smartphone maker HTC warns of weak Q4 | Reuters.


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