Google+, Facebook, Twitter bla bla – Diaspora!

Is finally here! What is it? It’s a social network for the community. No ad’s, open source software, distributed servers (that you can host yourself if you so wish) with no terms claiming ownership of content posted.
It really is a different way of doing social networking with a focus on the people.
Here is some detail from

Diaspora is a software that can be installed on a server by someone that has the knowledge to do so.  They in turn can allow people to register for an account on what they call their “pod”.  There are many of these pods already established across the internet with many users.  You register for a free account on a pod and you can seamlessly connect with other users on other pods the same as if you were making someone a friend on other social networking sites.  No matter which pod you are on, you are all using Diaspora.  If you have the technical skills, you can even set up your own pod for your family and or friends.  They can in turn connect to family and friends on your pod or even other pods with ease.  Amazing, isn’t it?

Privacy Related Diaspora Google Plus Facebook
Use your nickname or screen name
No Advertisements!
None of your data is sold
Features Diaspora Google Plus Facebook
Share with friends
Upload and share photos
Group friends into categories
Like and or Re-share posts

Nathan Norgan


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