Brain Damaged….Brain Repairs coming to a Medical Center near you

Ok so not quite but “Jeffrey Macklis at Harvard University and his colleagues took healthy neurons from mouse embryos that had been labelled with a green fluorescent protein.” and transplanted them into the brain of mutant mice that had a damaged area involved in the response to leptin and had become dangerously overwheight.

“The fluorescent neurons survived the transplant, integrated into the brain circuit, and differentiated into mature neurons that could communicate with existing neurons and respond to leptin, insulin and glucose – suggesting that they had repaired the damaged circuit. The treated obese mice went on to weigh 30 per cent less than their untreated counterparts.”

Great news for fat mice out there, now just to transfer this to humans and other parts of the brain. 🙂

via Neuron transplant in damaged brain fixes obesity – health – 24 November 2011 – New Scientist.


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