Gizmodo Awards 2011: Best Cable/ADSL ISP

In the annual Gizmodo awards we have now the ISP provider vote:

I must admit TPG have very agrerssive pricing but, being in the industry, I’ve also heard reports of slow networks due to so many leechers on the network. (High allowances encourage high usage and cause congestion on the networks).
Internode came in a close second demonstrating that end users can still identify a true reliable provider. In my opinion Internode is second to none, like i say “you will find cheaper but you won’t find better”.

iiNet won the Editors choice which is a reasonable choice as they offer great value, huge free zone allowances and are quite good for the most part. I personally had a run in with their plan changes when Annex M was released and we had a dissagreement on the method of change from non metered uploads to metered uploads. At the time upload metering was unheard of but it’s quite normal for low end plans now. A $90 exit fee was charged and refused to be dropped so we parted company and with Internode i’ve never looked back.

Gizmodo Awards 2011: Best Cable/ADSL ISP | Gizmodo Australia.


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