UnderworldLive – The Best of the best

What is there to say, if you enjoy music at all then you should at least do yourself a favour and acquaint yourself with Underworld.

Throughout the years they have broughts us such gems as Born Slippy, made popular from the hit movie Trainspotting; King of snake, jumbo, push upstairs and more. Their concerts are amazing and if you’ve even had the fortune to catch the french concert on SBS then you’ll know what I mean.

They have inspired many people into making music and still influence some of the worlds leading producers and DJ’s today.

This quintessential collection of gems is a must if any of the above interests you even slightly.

“Ahead of a flurry of activity in 2012 to mark the twentieth anniversary of their first proper single release, Underworld announce the release of two compilations of singles, rarities and collaborations.

Firstly, the band have revisited the 1992-2002 anthology and refreshed it with more material to go some way to complete the picture of the first two decades of Underworld in a 3-disc set.

To compliment that release, the band have compiled a single disc set A Collection which features edited highlights for those who prefer things short, sweet and to the point. A Collection features many of the bands biggest tracks alongside recent collaborations with High Contrast & Tiesto (The First Note is Silent), Mark Knight & D. Ramirez (Downpipe) and Brian Eno (Beebop Hurry)

The two packages, 1992-2012 and A Collection will be available from

underworldlive.com from 4th December 2011 as digital downloads or to pre-order as a physical CD version.”

via UnderworldLive.


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