Loose weight the lazy way – 8 top tips

This article from New Scientist explains some other factors that until recently were not known to cause weight gain. To summarise here are the 8 key lazy changes that may help:
1. Get Vaccinated – Some strains of the common cold virus have been found to have a link to weight gain.
2. Chill out – stress can add to weight gain, so don;t let it get to you!
3. Cool Down – studies have recently shown connections to higher temperatures and weight gain. It’s to do with the types of fat we have and how we burn them in lower temperatures.
4. Eat Protein – This is not so unknown but recent studies have shown that it may be more of a fact than a theory. Protein helps keep us full and reduces the amount of calories we consume.
5. Check the packaging – some plastics have been found to leach endocrine disrupting chemicals into food stuffs. This can effect your normal hormone balance and impact your ability to loose weight.
6. Let the night come on through – some studies have shown that mice exposed to light after natural daylight hours have 10% more weight than those that have not been exposed to light outside of daylight hours.
7. Clean air – wearing a filtering mask while excising in the city can reduce the pollution you breathe in. Studies have shown that pollution intake can cause 50% more abdominal fat in mice as well as decreasing their sensitivity to insulin.
And the number 8 easy way to loose fat is….Have a lie-in – Lack of sleep can increase your fat accumulation. A recent study has shown participants that got 6.3 hours sleep became more obese than those who got a healthier 7.2 hours sleep each night.
Lack of sleep reduces secretion of leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite.

More details are in the article below:
Eight lazy ways to lose weight – health – 02 January 2012 – New Scientist.


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