Monsanto continues questionable push for dominance

Monsanto are a very large agricultural firm that produces seeds, GM crop, chemicals and more. Their practices include forcing local strains out, fining neighbours of Monsanto crop farmers for having stray seed on their land, poisoning towns with chemicals and much more. Do yourself a favour and look up this company and understand what they are doing.

There is a whole plethora of information about the dodgy practices and here is another example:

“Monsanto’s new corn will not be a silver bullet for farmers suffering from the kind of severe drought facing the Southwest right now. While the industry continues to say it’ll do better, achieving substantially higher levels of drought tolerance with genetically modified crops in the foreseeable future is uncertain. Furthermore, it’s unlikely this drought-resistant crop will actually save water as Monsanto would like everyone to believe. Classical crop breeding can produce drought-resistant crops that are cheaper and more effective than what Monsanto has come up with.” says Doug Gurian-Sherman of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

via Monsanto Corn Unlikely To Help Drought-Stricken Farmers | Union of Concerned Scientists.


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