Waterfox – Firefox in 64bit!

It was brought to my attention that, even though Mozilla haven’t released one, there is a 64bit build of Firefox available.
So far only IE has provided a 64bit variant of their browser leaving the choice for more stable code very limited.

I found myself wondering why Firefox hadn’t been compiled in 64bit, well, wonder no more! Waterfox comes to the rescue!

Waterfox will install and import to look exactly like Firefox except for one thing, the groovy blue fox and world logo.

Most plugins are compatible and i found that none of mine had any problems except for having to load 64bit versions of flash and silverlight. IE Tab, Downthemall, firebug and personas came across perfectly as did my sync profile and personal settings and bookmarks.

The browser is fast and does not suffer from some of the delays experienced in the past such as freezing on downloads or PDF’s.

Grab it from the below link and do yourself a favour!
Waterfox | Home | The fastest 64-Bit variant of Firefox!.


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