Stephen Hawking on Black Holes, Physics and Women

Women are complete mysteries to Mr. Hawking, he thinks about them all day. While that probably holds true for most men, it is a whimsical thought for one of the worlds greatest thinkers on the Universe.
Recently New Scientist interviewed Stephen Hawking on his 70th birthday and got some rather interesting responses on varied subjects. His biggest blunder “in science” is to think that Black Holes destroy everything they take in, while he lists events such as COBE’s discovery of variations in cosmic microwave background temperature as the most exciting development in his career. This discover lends itself to the theory of cosmic inflation.
He also lists the discovery of supersymmetric partners for the known fundamental particles as the most revolutionary discovery to the understanding of the universe.
More can be found in the article below:
Stephen Hawking at 70: Exclusive interview – 04 January 2012 – New Scientist.


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