Anonymous Megaupload Revenge Attack

Megaupload, if you haven’t already heard by now, has been shut down by the feds and 4 of it’s directors arrested in a case slamming them as an organised mafia.

Anonymous, the hacking group responsible for recent high profile attacks against large companies has retaliated by taking down the DoJ.

“Update: Anonymous says they’ve also knocked off the RIAA’s site — looks down for us at the moment as well.

Update 2: Universal Music Group has also fallen off an e-cliff.

Update 3: Goodbye for now,

Update 4: Affected sites are bouncing in and out of life, and are at the very least super slow to load. Anon agents are currently trying to coordinate their DDoS attacks in the same direction via IRC.

Update 5: The US Copyright Office joins the list.

Update 6: This Anon sums up the mood in their “official” chat room at the moment:

Danzu: STOP EVERYTHING, who are we DoSing right now?

Update 7: Russian news service RT claims this is the largest coordinated attack in Anonymous’ history — over 5600 DDoS zealots blasting at once.”

via Anonymous Goes On Megaupload Revenge Spree | Gizmodo Australia.


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