​Android Kitkat leak

Google’s next Andropid flavour is KitKat and a new leak from Engadget has some cool new features:

  • Memory management optimises memory
  • new low level device support for devices with 512Mb of memory or less
  • Three new sensors are supported – geomagnetic rotation, step detection and setp counters. Possibly to be linked with smartwatches and Google Glass
  • Improvements in NFC and Bluetooth are also reported to be coming

More over at Engadget:

Android Kitkat leak suggests big improvements for cheap phones and wearables.


Low cost organic semiconductor

Scientists have discovered a semiconductor that can be used in Quantum computing that is much lower cost than traditional ones.

The blue pigment, copper phthalocynanine, is used in bank notes all over the globe and has been for many years. It has been disovered that it can be put into a state of superpostion, that is being in two states at one time. This is the key function to quantum quibits and are used to replace traditional transistors (the main component in CPU and Integrated curcuits in electronics). Becuase they are only single atoms in size, they are much smaller than silicon compounds used in semiconductors now.

Potential for spin-based information processing in a thin-film molecular semiconductor : Nature : Nature Publishing Group.

Flying robot uses luck to bounce around obstacles

This cool little fly like robot could provide a very cheap way of sending drones into emergency or risky areas. The designers have noted that by bouncing off obsitacles similar to a fly against a window, the drone could navigate itself around and between two points.

The device can choose it’s direction and correct itself to end up at a certain point based on basic compass bearings but uses not collision avoidance software to avoid any obstacles, instead it simply bounces off them then corrects its path and flys on to it’s destination.

via This Sensorless Flying Robot Is Like A Drunken Speeder Bike Orb | Gizmodo Australia.

Thanks to Snowden we know the NSA was intercepting Google and Yahoo data links

A sketch aledgedly used in an NSA breifing caused a couple of Google geeks to “explode with profanity” according to Snowdens documents. According to the documents, the NSA has intercepted data between Google and Yahoo’s main Data Centers. This reportedly has given the NSA access to hundreds of millions of user records and transactions including metadata that could indicate what user sent or received emails and other content such as text, audio and video.

 The tool used to perform this operation is reported to be called MUSCULAR, a project operated jointly by the NSA and it’s British counterpart, Government Communications Headquarters. This appears to be a very agressive method of attaining information that the NSA already has access to under PRISM.

The NSA has said that the use of MUSCULAR is “focused on discovering and developing intelligence about valid foreign intelligence targets only.”

“NSA applies Attorney General-approved processes to protect the privacy of U.S. persons — minimizing the likelihood of their information in our targeting, collection, processing, exploitation, retention, and dissemination,” it said in a statement released in response to the release of these documents.

Google’s cheif legal officer, David Drummond, has said the company has “long been concerned about the possibility of this kind of snooping” and that it has not provided access to the government. “We are outraged at the lengths to which the government seems to have gone to intercept data from our private fiber networks, and it underscores the need for urgent reform,” he said.

More can be found below and the inline links.

NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say – The Washington Post.

Kinect can now interpret sign language

When the Kinect was launched, Microsoft touted it sensitive enough to interpret American Signlanguage. This has now come to fruition with a Microsoft Research project.

Pretty cool stuff from the Guiness Book of Records fastest selling gaming accessory of all time.

Microsoft’s Kinect Is Now A Sign Language Translator | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

IsoHunt is dead, long live IsoHunt

IsoHunt was shut down recently after being hit with a multimillion dollar law suite by MPAA.

The creator of the site vowed to shut it down and gave a deadline but shut it down days earlier after hearing about a project to archive and restore the site once it was shut down.

This didn’t stop yet another project that had already been working in the backgroup from mirroring the site and publishing it to isohunt.to.

IsoHunt Resurrected Less Than Two Weeks After $110 Million MPAA Deal | TorrentFreak.