NBN Co makes sweeping changes to site and delivery dates

In yet another hypocritical move by the LNP government, changes have been made to NBN Co’s delivery date and transparency on those dates.
IT News tells us that half a million ready for service connections are now in jeopardy.
Among the changes NBN Co have removed the monthly ready for service spreadsheets, now only available on a sales portal which seems,to contradict Mr. Turnbulls claim of allowing more transparency.
ITNews says “iTnews’ analysis of the new dataset shows an additional 509,250 premises in 256 fibre serving area modules (FSAMs) where a future with fibre-to-the-home is far less guaranteed.

These are rollout areas and premises that until now had been given a date on when to expect fibre-to-the-home connections that are ready to carry retail internet services. As of late last night, the ready for service date has been switched to “TBA”.”
This government was and is so quick to call out the supposed inefficiencies of others but does not shed itself in a good light with this kind of shady behavior.
More on this latest development can be found here.

A petition by the Australian Labor PArty can be signed here


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