The iPad Air, how light is it really?

As much as I personally cringe at posting this, it would not be a technoogy blog without covering the new offering from Apple, the iPad AIR.

Announced recently by Apple the iPad Air is lighter, thinner and something to spend more of your money on. It packs the new Apple A7 chip based on the ARMv8 architecture which brings 64bit processing to the mobile chip. 64bit processing will mean more memory can be addressed and more complex number crunching can go on, which for now doesn’t mean a whole lot since the iPAD Air only has 4Gb.

The Air has the “Retina” display featuring 2048×1536 dpi and weighs 469 grams.

The new iPad is also claimed to have 10 hours battery life. On par with many other tablets on the market.

I’ll let you make your own judgement, Gizmodos review is linked below.

iPad Air Australian Hands-On: What Sorcery Is This? | Gizmodo Australia.


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