More NBN news with Mr. Turnbull wanting to find areas in need first

Malcom Turnbull has told Meet the Press that he wants to target areas that are suffering from bad internet connections as first targets for roll out of NBN connections.

The goal – the – our policy is very clear. We have got a survey underway to identify those parts of Australia that have the worst broadband – you know, where the need for upgrades is greatest. And they will be prioritised. We’re also – the NBN will also focus on rolling out upgraded services to areas where there is the greatest demand – you know, business, industrial parks, business areas – where you can actually generate some early revenue.

You know, this is – the NBN Co has to start being operated – and this is happening now, with the changes we’ve made – like a rational business, that seeks to do its job as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


He has also defended the cut to numbers of homes ready to be build or in progress.

Well, those householders were victims of Labor’s lies and spin about broadband. Labor invented all sorts of misleading metrics. Now, they had a metric which said that construction had commenced at the point plans were called for. So if I said to you, “I’ve started constructing my house,” you’d think there were actually builders on the site. This is the equivalent of saying you had started construction on a new house, from the moment you called your architect and asked her to do a sketch plan.

So I’ll give you an example. There was one area – about 3,000 premises in Prospect, in South Australia, in Kate Ellis’s electorate, in fact – where they said construction had commenced in April 2012. Well, it’s now November 2013. Nothing has happened. Nothing has happened. Not even the designs have been finalised. So what we wanted to do, and what we will do, with the NBN is tell people the truth. We will build the NBN – we’ll construct it. Those – everyone will get access to the NBN. But I don’t want to have premises and areas on a map being promised a service when there is no – when we simply don’t know when it can be delivered.

So, this – the whole culture at the NBN is changing. This is no longer about spin. It’s about fact. So we are stating where building work has actually commenced – where work is really being done. We’re speaking English, instead of Labor spin.


Malcolm Turnbull Wants To Find The Worst Broadband Areas In Australia | Gizmodo Australia.


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