Facebook owns you

Well not you per se, but anything you post to Facebook, be it message, updates or photos, can be used in advertising by the company.

The companies new privacy policy makes it pretty clear that you should expect any part of your life shared on Facebook to be used in advertising from teenages to senior citizens, noone is safe.

Facebook has 1.2 trillion posts that could help make the company a lot of money. Let’s say you posted a picture of your new car, Facebook could then use this photo and send it to your friends to help intice them to buy the same car. Or perhaps you are out with friends at a new bar, Facebook could use those status updates and photos to help sell an advertising campaign to that bar and then use the network to deliver these targeted ads to your friends.

Sen Edward Markey has brought the issue light in regards to the settlement between Facebook and the Federal Trade Commision tghat requires Facebook to inform users when it uses thier data in a new way.


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