Hawaiki trans-Pacific cable

The Hawaiki trans-Pacific cable is a cable linking Sydney and New Zealand to the US via Hawai and pacific islands along the way. It’s goal is to link Pacific nations to the US to develop AU, NZ and Pacific Island economies by furture proofing technology for them, almost like a Pacific NBN except not ruined by the Libs.

According to Hawaiki this means:

This means:
– Increase international broadband availability
– Stimulate economic growth by eliminating the double tyranny of distance and over-priced international bandwidth
– Introduce true competition in New Zealand and in the connected Pacific Islands
– Drop the cost of Internet access for the end-users

Thanks to its specific design, the Hawaiki Cable represents a solution to improve:

– Trans-Pacific connectivity between Australia, New Zealand and the US
– Trans-Tasman connectivity between Australia and New Zealand
– Hawaii connectivity to Continental US
– Pacific Islands connectivity to New Zealand, Australia and the US

With landing sites in the Northwest US, Sydney, New Zealand as well as Hawai and pacific islands, this means even more bandwidth to the region. Something we can never have too much of.

The full details of the cable can be viewed here.



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