LNP fail to deliver a viable NBN plan

Fairfax have reported today via the Sydney Morning Herald that the NBN Co’s review commissioned by Malcolm Turnbull is complete and that they have a copy of said report.

And it’s an interesting one…This will be no surprise to anyone with any knowledge of the history of Telstra and Telecommunications but a big shock to the liberal numpties who praise the messiah Abbott and his cronies.

The report is daming to say the least; cost blowouts, deadline blowouts, deficiencies for business.

The so called “blue book” suggests the FTTN model proposed by the LNP party as the saving grace of the expensive waste of the ALP governments spending, faces a plethera of technical challenges and is unlikely to be finished by the promised 2016 date.

As with much of the LNP’s promises coming into the recent election, this is yet another furfee from this shell of a government. Check out the full article linked on the first line for the full details.


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