Nokia Lumia 1020 is officially a game changer

The lumia 1020 has won Laptop magazines 2013 game changer award for it’s amazing camera and features.

For the back story on how Nokia came up with the idea of changing imaging on smartphones, read below:

Nokia Lumia 1020 – Most Innovative Products of 2013 – LAPTOP.


Shape Changing interactions

Researchers from MIT have come up with a novel device to represent 3d objects on the fly. The system uses pegs that can be raised or lowered depending on the imput. That input can be a remote manipulation or a representation of a shape or design.

inFORM was unveiled this week on MIT’s website and is billed for use in 3D modelling, viewing statistical charts, maths education and controlling media.

The system makes use of an XBOX Kinect sensor, 900 pins, linkages and actuators as well as a linked computer. Each pin can be moved independently to either represent or manipulate objects.

Sony sells over 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles in first 24 hours

Sony has reported that the PS4 has sold over 1 million units over the first 24 hours of sale in the US.

This brings Sony closer to it’s goal of 5 million units in the end of it’s fical year in March.

Sony face stiff competetion with the new XBOX One launching very shortly and including the Kinect and exclusive games. Microsoft have really ruled the roost here with record sales of both the XBOX and Kinect and Sony have a tough job catching up.

Neither company has released a new console since the PS3 in 2006 and the gaming industry is thirsty ofr some new action.


Panasonics Toughpad 4K Tablet

Panasonic recently previewed their new 4k Tablet at NAB this year and ever since the industry has been keen to know when it may be avaiable.

The tablet is a 20 inch monster that has been ruggedised for commercial use. The tablet delivers Ultra-HD+ to Windows 8.1 to assist photographers, video professionals, architects, artists and more who demand the highest quality imaging from thier devices. Panasonic have released the pricing for the US market at $5999 and a release date of Jan 2014.

The full specs are available on the Panasonic blog and will be soon releasing some hands on coverage of this beast.


The TIME Invention Poll

Time Magazine have run a poll with cooperation with Qualcomm to establish the most important inventions of all time.

The poll resulted in the mobile phone being the most useful invention of all time. Top three most important were electricity, the internet and the wheel. Top three inventions needing reinvention were the computer, the car and the telephone.

See the full results here

Iron Man comes to real life

A group of students at the Royal College of Art have created a couple of masks that allow you to hear and see better. The first mask goes over your ears and mouth and allows the user to single out sounds in the environment to more easily hear things in a noisly landscape while the second goes over your eyes and contains cameras that relay the image to your eyes with live filters such as delayed shutter for motion detection and other nifty effects.

The masks are prototypes right now being developed by Eidos have great potential in situations such as sporting technique analysis, emergency services and concert performances.

“We are used to controlling the world around us to find the settings that suit us best. But while technology advances to aid this, our physical bodies remain the same. What if we had the same control over our senses? If we could adjust them in real time, what experiences would this make possible,’ they ask.


Inkjet printable circuits

Georgia Tech, the University of Tokyo and Microsoft Research have been working together on a technique of printing electrical circuits with ordinary inkjet printers and household items.

The technique uses silver ink injected into an existing ink cartridge printed on photo paper, PET film or resin coated paper.

The cicuits can be printed by hobyists and couple with other components to produce more complex circuits than would otherwise be possible at the enrty level.

GT | News Center :: Georgia Tech Develops Inkjet-Based Circuits at Fraction of Time and Cost.