LG Smart TVs sending user viewing logs even when turned off

Tisk tisk LG, The Verge have posted an article detailing LG Smart TVs rsending a log of user viewing habits regardless of the privacy settings having set it to not log.

The company says it’s fair game since the user agree to the T’s and C’s when they plugged the TV in and they even had the nerve to fob him off to his retail outlet…what are they going to be able to do about it?!

Amazing that companies take someones right to privacy with such a relaxed atitude!



Panasonics Toughpad 4K Tablet

Panasonic recently previewed their new 4k Tablet at NAB this year and ever since the industry has been keen to know when it may be avaiable.

The tablet is a 20 inch monster that has been ruggedised for commercial use. The tablet delivers Ultra-HD+ to Windows 8.1 to assist photographers, video professionals, architects, artists and more who demand the highest quality imaging from thier devices. Panasonic have released the pricing for the US market at $5999 and a release date of Jan 2014.

The full specs are available on the Panasonic blog and will be soon releasing some hands on coverage of this beast.


Pioneer TVs are back


But only in Europe, for now.  Pioneer shut down it’s TV business nearly 4 years ago now but has announced its return to manufacturing but will only distribute exclusively via European electronics store Dixons Retail.

The partnership is touted to produce FullHD 1080p LED panels available in 40, 46 and 55 inch. Distributon starts in the Nordic region in December.

A strange move from Pioneer but one that will surely spark an interest in it’s past fans. More from the Verge here: Pioneer reviving its TV business, but only in Europe | The Verge.

Australian copywrite law is broken and under review

At the moment Australian Copywrite Law is under review and you need to speak up if you wish to have fair and comprehensive laws that both allows us to freely create digital content but to also share it and at the same time be protected from others using your created content in an unfair way. Creationistas has created this nice little vid to explain further.



FAA says mobile devices ok to use on planes

The FAA just issued new guidelines around using electronic gadgets while planes are in flight. They reccomend still turning them off during take off and landing and using your mobile phone for calls during flights is still not reccomended, you won;t get a signal at the heights planes fly anyway.

for more, check out the following: Technology FAA will allow you to use gadgets during take off and landing | WHAS11.com Louisville.