Reboot Buggy, a car built for itself

“A car that can do 150Mph and go over rocks at the same time, to pull up at a valet and have it parked” – Joey Ruiter.

This car was built for perfection, for the car, to be the best it could be. It looks like a real beast!

via Reboot Buggy on Vimeo.


Doh! Nice cars get smashed in Japan pile up

8 Ferraris, 3 Mercs and a Lambo were smashed in a massiv pile up of car enthusiasts on a Japanese highway.
Noone was hurt but then again who cares, these cars are more important 😛 Estimated damage is 300m yen or $3.85M.

BBC News – Luxury sports cars in costly Japan pile-up.

Toyota’s new concept car is more like a touchpad computer on wheels

Gotta love Toyota’s innovation, even if it is a bit out there for reality.

The latest offering in a concept car called the Fun-Vii, has huge touch screen sides instead of doors that drivers can reportedly use to surf the net while sitting or standing next to their car.
The car is quite impractical of course, as are most concept cars, but I for one would love to have one so i can have my own cusomt animated paint job and then watch movies with mates on the side o fmy car parked at the beach on a summer afternoon 🙂

Toyota Concept Car Has Giant Touchscreen Doors | Gizmodo Australia.

Standardization is a good thing – Electric cars get standard plug

“seven vehicle manufacturers have agreed to adopt a standardised charging system in Europe and the US. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche and Volkswagen have all signed up to the scheme.”

Finally we see manufacturers joining up to form a standard. You will soon be able to buy an electric car safe in the knowledge that the plug will be common between your first car and the second, your car and your wifes, the family car and the weekly run about.

Gadget makers have been working towards this for years in the micro-USB cable that you will find in just about any device (that is not an Apple device!) you can buy now.

via One Per Cent: Green Machine: Electric cars to get universal charger.

Aaayyy! Fonzie’s Bike Is for Sale

Another great post that I just can’t add much too. I love the whitty text of it and it’s well worth the read.
What is it about? Well Fonzies bike of course, it’s up for sale. A 1949 Triumph Trophy TR5 Scrambler Custom, bound to be a fine peice of machinery to own for the lucky bidder.

Aaayyy! Fonzie’s Bike Is for Sale | Autopia |

3 Cylinders are better than 4?!

Ford this week have launched a new 3 cylinder engine in it’s 1L EcoBoost, at Frankfurt. It is promising to offer it in Euqrope later this year and sometime later in the United States.

VW are offering a 3 cylinder in the Up! compact powered by natual gas.



Three Is the New Four as Engines Downsize | Autopia |