LNP fail to deliver a viable NBN plan

Fairfax have reported today via the Sydney Morning Herald that the NBN Co’s review commissioned by Malcolm Turnbull is complete and that they have a copy of said report.

And it’s an interesting one…This will be no surprise to anyone with any knowledge of the history of Telstra and Telecommunications but a big shock to the liberal numpties who praise the messiah Abbott and his cronies.

The report is daming to say the least; cost blowouts, deadline blowouts, deficiencies for business.

The so called “blue book” suggests the FTTN model proposed by the LNP party as the saving grace of the expensive waste of the ALP governments spending, faces a plethera of technical challenges and is unlikely to be finished by the promised 2016 date.

As with much of the LNP’s promises coming into the recent election, this is yet another furfee from this shell of a government. Check out the full article linked on the first line for the full details.


LG Smart TVs sending user viewing logs even when turned off

Tisk tisk LG, The Verge have posted an article detailing LG Smart TVs rsending a log of user viewing habits regardless of the privacy settings having set it to not log.

The company says it’s fair game since the user agree to the T’s and C’s when they plugged the TV in and they even had the nerve to fob him off to his retail outlet…what are they going to be able to do about it?!

Amazing that companies take someones right to privacy with such a relaxed atitude!


Facebook owns you

Well not you per se, but anything you post to Facebook, be it message, updates or photos, can be used in advertising by the company.

The companies new privacy policy makes it pretty clear that you should expect any part of your life shared on Facebook to be used in advertising from teenages to senior citizens, noone is safe.

Facebook has 1.2 trillion posts that could help make the company a lot of money. Let’s say you posted a picture of your new car, Facebook could then use this photo and send it to your friends to help intice them to buy the same car. Or perhaps you are out with friends at a new bar, Facebook could use those status updates and photos to help sell an advertising campaign to that bar and then use the network to deliver these targeted ads to your friends.

Sen Edward Markey has brought the issue light in regards to the settlement between Facebook and the Federal Trade Commision tghat requires Facebook to inform users when it uses thier data in a new way.

The TIME Invention Poll

Time Magazine have run a poll with cooperation with Qualcomm to establish the most important inventions of all time.

The poll resulted in the mobile phone being the most useful invention of all time. Top three most important were electricity, the internet and the wheel. Top three inventions needing reinvention were the computer, the car and the telephone.

See the full results here

Iron Man comes to real life

A group of students at the Royal College of Art have created a couple of masks that allow you to hear and see better. The first mask goes over your ears and mouth and allows the user to single out sounds in the environment to more easily hear things in a noisly landscape while the second goes over your eyes and contains cameras that relay the image to your eyes with live filters such as delayed shutter for motion detection and other nifty effects.

The masks are prototypes right now being developed by Eidos have great potential in situations such as sporting technique analysis, emergency services and concert performances.

“We are used to controlling the world around us to find the settings that suit us best. But while technology advances to aid this, our physical bodies remain the same. What if we had the same control over our senses? If we could adjust them in real time, what experiences would this make possible,’ they ask.


The most popular words used on the Net in 2013

An annual survey by Global Language Monitor has discovered “404” as the top word used on the Internet in 2013. Hardly surprising since it’s the error code for page not found.

The top english word was “fail” followed by “Hashtag” and then the Pope’s Twitter handle “@pontifex”.

The survey scans the net and counts the words usage based online throughout English speaking countries.

The full list is:


1. 404

2. Fail

3. Hashtag

4. @Pontifex

5. The Optic

6. Surveillance

7. Drones

8. Deficit

9. Sequestration

10. Emancipate

11. Filibuster

12. Nano

13. Twerking

14. Deadlock

15. Franken-

16. Meme

17. Stalemate

18. The Cloud

19. Phony

20. Comet


1. Pope Francis

2. ObamaCare

3. NSA

4. Ed Snowden

5. Kate Middleton

6. IRS

7. Ted Cruz

8. Chris Christie

9. Tea Party

10. Marathon Bombers

11. Malala Yousafzai

12. Xi Jinping

13. President Obama

14. Hassan Rouhani

15. Sochi Olympics

Source: Language Monitor via News.com.au