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Story of Stuff (2007, OFFICIAL Version) – YouTube

Scary but insightful way of looking at our consumerism


Update to the MidnightJuggernaut app

The MidnightJuggernaut app on the Windows Phone marketplace has a big update coming.
The new app will look much much better with full panorama in portrait and landscape support.
It will also honor your phone theme accent.
It should appear this week, keep an eye out.

Windows Phone Application Update coming!

Some of you may have already downloaded the MidnightJuggernaut Windows Phone 7 App.
I hope your enjoying it so far.

I have been working hard on learning how to so some basic dev on windows phone and thanks to the WordPress Kit for Windows Phone 7 and some tweaking, modding poking and prodding, I now have a nice panaorama based app with full landscape support!

The app will allow commenting, viewing the full article, Searching, Feedback, Panorama and Landscape support!

It’s lightyears ahead of the previously generated app and I hope you enjoy it!
Version 0.7 has been submitted but very soon after v1.0 will come, watch out for that one in the next week or so!

What’s coming for version 1.x?
Live Tile notifications for new posts! and full mango support.
(If i can work all that out lol)

Sydney MTB Riders – For those into Mountain Biking through Sydney City

Due to a clear loack of one, i have decided to start a Sydney Moutnain bikers club for city siders to get together, go for rides, share ideas and fixes and plan events.

Rides may happen outside of sydney also but the club is here for those who live in or close to the city to share thier love of mountain riding.

The below website is still in beta but by all means bookmark it and come back soon if your interested.

Facebook Group

Sydney MTB Riders – Home.