Have you considered coding for Windows 8.1? Well this may help!

In the Appreneur Challenge Microsoft are giving away some amazing prizes simply for making some apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone.

Prizes include 25 Xbox One console and a major prize of a Surface Pro and “Money-can’t-buy experiences”.

With higher conversion rates and some awesome hardware and these awesome prizes, there really is no excuse for not having a go at making some awesome apps for the Windows platform.


MidnightJuggernaut App update just got Marketplace approval!!

Well boys and girls, after some hard work and a steep learning curve, the beta 0.9 version of the new and improved Midnight Juggernaut application for Windows Phone is approved and will be available on the Marketplace in the next day or so.

The new app features panorama, landscape and comments support. It also has search capability, will honour your accent colour and has a link email me and a small bio lol

Oh and it also has Mango support! Smile

Check it out very shortly in the Marketplace here

Windows Phone Application Update coming!

Some of you may have already downloaded the MidnightJuggernaut Windows Phone 7 App.
I hope your enjoying it so far.

I have been working hard on learning how to so some basic dev on windows phone and thanks to the WordPress Kit for Windows Phone 7 and some tweaking, modding poking and prodding, I now have a nice panaorama based app with full landscape support!

The app will allow commenting, viewing the full article, Searching, Feedback, Panorama and Landscape support!

It’s lightyears ahead of the previously generated app and I hope you enjoy it!
Version 0.7 has been submitted but very soon after v1.0 will come, watch out for that one in the next week or so!

What’s coming for version 1.x?
Live Tile notifications for new posts! and full mango support.
(If i can work all that out lol)