Gizmodo Small tablet test

Gizmodo have tested three top contenders in the ~7 inch tablet market. Apple fans will be surprised to hear that the iPad mini comes in a distant last, with the Kindle Fire HDX coming in at one and closely matched by the Nexus 7.

See below for details:

The Best Small Tablet Display (Hint: It’s Not The iPad Mini) | Gizmodo Australia.


Update: Gartner market share results for Q3 2013

This is an update to my previous posts here and here with Gartner now chiming on with thier results.

Essentially they are saying that smartphone sales accounted for 55% of overall mobile phone sales in Q3 of 2013.

Worldwide phone sales totaled 455.6 million which is an increase of 5.7% on the same time last year.

By vendor, Samsung rule the roost even though growth was flat for them with Apple trailing behind with a less than expected growth and small decline due to late shipments. Lenovo rank in third with a large market in China and LG, Huawei trail respectively behind them.

By operating system, Android rules with iOS second, Windows Phone third and Blackberry, Bada and Symbian trailing respectively behind them.

In maobile phone sales by vendor (smart and dumb phones), Samsung rule with Nokia coming up next followed by Apple, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, TCL, Sony, Yulong and others following respectively.



Windows Phone grows by 156% in Q3 2013

I posted previously about mobile market share and the growth of Windows Phone. A new IDC report has shown the platform has experienced high growth and is the fastest growing operating system.

The IDC data suggests that Windows Phone increased shipments of 156% year on year for the third quarter. 3.7 million handsets were moved in Q3 2012 and this year 9.5 million.

That may look small compared to Android’s 211.6 million and 33.8 million Apple handset but shows impressive growth for the platform when compared to Blackberry’s 4.5 million handsets especially.

Nokia was responsible for 93.2% of those Windows handsets sold.

More details from IDC via wpcentral:

IDC: Windows Phone experiences 156% jump in handsets shipped for Q3 2013 | Windows Phone Central.

Control devices via location

Apple have filed and been granted a patent on using your location to control devices such ahs lights, heating and other home appliances.

The technology could allow you to have your house lights turn on as you enter the street, air conditioning come on to have your house at that ideal temperature as you step inside and much more.

As with most of Apple’s “technology”, home automation is not new, neither is the idea of having location triggered events; however Apple have brought the two together in this patent entitled “System and method of determining location of wireless communication devices/persons for controlling/adjusting operation of devices based on the location

I always question patents like this, Apple have tons of cash to fight patents and have a lot of power in that way when the technology already exisits. I guess with enough lawyers and patent experts you can word anything to sound specific and new or claim something already invented belongs to you, especially with the recent change declaring first to file rather than first to invent. A major flaw in the US Patent system if you ask me.

Apple patents location-based technology to control devices remotely | Apple – CNET News.

The iPad Air, how light is it really?

As much as I personally cringe at posting this, it would not be a technoogy blog without covering the new offering from Apple, the iPad AIR.

Announced recently by Apple the iPad Air is lighter, thinner and something to spend more of your money on. It packs the new Apple A7 chip based on the ARMv8 architecture which brings 64bit processing to the mobile chip. 64bit processing will mean more memory can be addressed and more complex number crunching can go on, which for now doesn’t mean a whole lot since the iPAD Air only has 4Gb.

The Air has the “Retina” display featuring 2048×1536 dpi and weighs 469 grams.

The new iPad is also claimed to have 10 hours battery life. On par with many other tablets on the market.

I’ll let you make your own judgement, Gizmodos review is linked below.

iPad Air Australian Hands-On: What Sorcery Is This? | Gizmodo Australia.

Tablet market shakeup, Samsung leads in customer satisfaction

Engadget bring us a J.D. Power study that shows that Samsung lead the way in owner satisfaction with Apple second and Amazon third.

The study ranked tablets by manufacturer and scored them on a 1000 point scale. Samsung scored 835 with Apple scoring 833 and 826 for Amazon.

The study was based in the U.S. and is evaluated on 3375 tablet owners. It was conducted between March and August 2013. It uses metrics such as performance, ease of operation, styling and design, features and cost.

More here via Engadget: Note this: Samsung tablets rank highest in J.D. Power’s owner satisfaction study.

Android rules the roost, Apple looses ground, Windows Phone grows and poor Blackberry

I spoke about market share in my post last week about Apple and the latest stats have been released for Q3 of 2013. As you can see below the market share of Android has grown to 81.3% up from 75% in Q3 of 2012, Apple has lost ground down to 13.4% from 15.6% same time last year. Microsoft have made ground up to 4.1% from 2.1% this time last year which is amazing growth of 200%. Poor old Blackberry just can’t do anything right with a drop from 4.3% last year to only 1% this year.

Source Strategy Analytics via Android tops 81 percent of smartphone market share in Q3.