New numbers from Microsoft and Instagram and Vine hit Windows Phone

WMPoweruser reports the latest figures from Microsoft on the Windows Phone store.

Currently, according to Microsoft figures, there have been 3 billion downloads from the store so far since it was launched. Each day they get 10 million transactions which is a step up from the 9 million in September and 6.6 million in June.

These numbers are only around 5% of the iOS store however it shows strong growth for the platform that is quickly cementing it’s place as the third platform in the smartphone market.

Since Windows Phone 8 was released Microsoft have seen an increase of 181% in app revenue and downloads have increased by 209%.

With the release of the long anticipated Instagram and Vine, these figures are bound to grow and bring the gap between Android and iOS much closer.


New apps hitting Windows Phone from Nokia World

Microsoft have announced via Nokia World an array of new apps coming to the Windows Phone platform. This is one of the biggest complaints about the platforom, lack of apps. Personally i feel the app coverage is pretty good with only a couple of apps missing that I would like to use.

Here is a list that’s sure to fill that void: (Quoted from Microsoft blog linked below)


Scan, sync, edit, share and manage your documents. Coming soon


The official ESPN F1 app for Windows Phone brings you the best Formula One coverage across the globe, delivered in English, French and Spanish. The app provide news, features, live race commentary, and detailed information about teams, drivers, and circuits. Coming soon


The wait’s almost over. The mega popular photo and video sharing app will be coming to Windows Phone “in the coming weeks,” said Instagram CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom. \”We\’re looking forward to watching the Windows Phone community use Instagram to capture and share beautiful moments.\” Coming soon


The easiest finger writing app for taking notes, writing memos and making annotations. Keep all your work, school and personal to-do notes organized with this simple-to-use note taking app. Available now

Nokia Camera

By merging two of its most powerful and popular stand-alone photo apps—Pro Camera and Smart Camera—Nokia makes it easier than ever to shoot and adjust photos, or create amazing motion shots and videos. Coming soon

Nokia Storyteller

Relive your memories in a dynamic and interactive way. Storyteller integrates your pictures with HERE location information, then plots the chronological picture journey on a map. Video, animated Cinemagraphs, and burst shots make your experiences come to life. Coming soon


A natural handwriting note-taking app that you use just like paper, Papyrus lets you take notes with a stylus or your finger. Select, move, resize, cut, copy and paste your handwriting, and even edit the color and thickness of your writing. Coming soon

Share high-res photos with friends and family between a variety of devices. will soon also offer this feature for documents. Available now


Create and share multiple custom Instagram photo feeds with Windows Phone 8. Instagram account holders can Like and Comment on Instagram photos directly from PicFeed. Easily discover new content through feeds pre-loaded with some of the best photos on Instagram. Coming soon


Manage and share your videos, music, and photos across Windows Phone 8, iOS, and Android devices, and any smart TV. Coming soon

Smart Resize

Forget cropping and resizing your photos yourself. Smart Resize can analyze and images and decide what’s important and what’s not, automatically cropping the visual clutter. Available now


Now redesigned for the 6-inch display on the new Nokia Lumia 1520. Pick from a variety of beautiful new filter packs and weave in HERE location information, Wikipedia commentary—or even your own notes—using the new template-driven user interface. Available now

Xbox Video

Easy access to a massive library of the latest blockbuster movies and TV shows. The Xbox Video app for Windows Phone lets you buy or rent your favorite movies and shows, and watch them across any supported device. Only Windows Phone customers will be enjoying Xbox Video on their phones this holiday season. Coming soon


Capture and share your short video loops with friends. Coming soon

Vyclone Pro

The new and improved Vyclone Pro video collaboration app is designed to take advantage of the 1080p screen on the Lumia 1520, sporting an updated user interface that lets you record and upload videos from anywhere, plus select from three exclusive video filters. Coming soon


Asphalt 8: Airborne

Drive 47 high-performance vehicles from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Corvette and more on 9 challenging tracks. Optimized to run on the full HD displays of the new Lumia 1520. Coming soon

Danger Dash

Are you a real adventurer? Prove it in this endless runner that challenges you to dodge tigers and collect coins as Chuck Ace, adventure lass Miranda Rose, or the brawny Blowing Wind. Coming soon


Feel the excitement of every pass, strike, and tackle in FIFA 14 from EA Sports. Features more than 30 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players—from the English Premiership and La Liga to the German Bundesliga and beyond. Coming soon

My Talking Tom

Adopt your very own baby Tom. Feed him, play with him and nurture him from a cute kitten to a fully-grown Tom cat. Coming soon

Rabbids Big Bang

Ubisoft’s famous Rabbids have blasted off into space. Pilot a Rabbid using your jetpack’s boost and the gravity of surrounding planets to collect coins and avoiding obstacles in each stage. Coming soon

Rail Rush

This epic game, from the makers of iStunt2 and Gravity Guy, is exclusive to Nokia Windows Phones for three months. Step into your cart and start collecting precious gold nuggets and gems while accelerate down insanely fast rails and avoiding the obstacles and other surprises along the way. Available now

Rayman Fiesta Run

Adventure and surprises await as you race through a tasty environment made of food and cooking supplies. Coming soon

Temple Run 2

The sequel to the smash hit endless runner that took the world by storm. Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you try to escape with the cursed idol. How far can you make it? Coming soon

via Instagram isn’t the only great app coming to Windows Phone. Here’s the full list from Nokia World.

The iSheeple culture Is In Your Mind – Applism in Development

The term Sheeple is one i use to describe people who display herd mentality; many times products and marketing are successful simply because one feels like they wish to be one of “those people” that have “that device”.

Apples products survive solely on this mentality, non of their products are technically very different from any other and quite often they bring a higher price; they are rarely better quality and in some cases are less reliable than their counterparts.  Some will say the design of Apple products is amazing, well, if you like white then yeah i guess you would like Apple products. Personally I grew up with beige and white computers and after many years computers finally got a nice black and metal finish, this was lost in Applism design.

Now to the point of the story, like no other platform, Apple iOS has picked up the lions share of development, even with a far from high market share it got much attention and we found apps being developed for a minority platform. This of course has helped with the growth of the iPhone and iPad and has created an app culture.

The problem is, iOS lacks integration with social networks and email and states that “there is an app for that” rather than innovating and providing built in functionality.  Android does the same, however, believe it or not there are platforms paying attention to how consumers use phones. Windows Phone 7, by Microsoft for example, integrates, Facebook, Linkedin, Windows Live, Twitter, Exchange email, Gmail, Hotmail and the list goes on, all without having to even open the marketplace to get an app.

It has been apparent to me for a long time that there is a strange focus on iOS; my theory is that Apple are secretly paying large software houses to develop for the 0platform then having them sign NDA’s to hide it. This is pure speculation of course, however I have watched the mobile landscape for over 15 years now develop and never before have developers, small or large, developed with such vigor for a platform with very low market share. (this of course has changed over the years but the ratio of market share to developers and app by those developers for the platform has been extremely high in iOS like never before).

Now add on top of this many analysis of the Windows Phone Marketplace demonstrating being the most profitable for developers, and the ability to code across platform (XBOX, Windows Phone and Games for Windows all use the XNA studio and make it very easy for game developers to release across platforms).

Now Peter-Paul Koch, better known as PPK in the web developer community, adds his input on the focus on webkit and iPhone development:

“What we have here is an iPhone monoculture; not in the stats, but in web developers’ minds,” writes Koch. “This is the fundamental problem we must address.”

He goes on to suggest the change needed and I must agree whole heartedly in his comments and find it refreshing for someone with a bit of clout behind them to be stating such:

“Start talking about testing in mobile non-WebKit browsers (i.e. Opera),” he writes. “Start talking about other platforms besides iPhone (and Android). Start talking about mobile diversity, instead of showing the iPhone over and over and over again.”

It’s about time developers start delivering cross platform applications and allow the consumer the choice they deserve, even the sheeple.

via The iPhone Monoculture Is In Your Mind | Webmonkey |

Augmented Reality Coming To Windows Phone

A sneek preview of what to expect from Windows Phone thanks to a toolkit being developed to enable developers to easily create augmented reality apps.
Why? Imagine trying to find a house and actually seeing it on the map with a homing beacon. Want to check out a strip of restaurants but not sure what the food is like, simply hold your phone up and it will show you.

Developers: Augmented Reality Starter Toolkit Coming To Windows Phone | WMPoweruser.

The iPhone acne app will NOT cure acne

“The US Federal Trade Commission has ruled that there is no proof that iPhone apps will cure acne.”

Yup, there actually had to be a ruling to let sheeple know that an app cannot cure acne. Nearly 15k people bought one of two apps claiming to do just this.

The comment thread on the Gizmodo article below is quite hilarious, my favourite being that Apple users would believe this and the gain 6 inches mention is also pretty funny.

via Hey Kids, The iPhone Will NOT Cure Acne | Gizmodo Australia.

Another example of the lack of humanity within Apple Corp

Has Apple Turned Its Back On The People Harmed In Its Factories? | Gizmodo Australia.


I blogged this a while back and it can also be seen on the Hungry Beast Download episode, Apple screens were using N-Hexane in the manufacturing process, a chemical that is widely banned throughout the world and has been for quite a few years now.

It seems they will talk the talk but won’t walk the walk in regards to caring for the employees affected by this nasty chemical. On top of this they have had no philanthropic activities since 1997 and actively block charitable apps from the appstore.

You may like the design of Apple products but surely there is a social responsibility that this company must acknoledge and act upon. If the lack of innovation and value in Apple products isn’t enough for you to at least consider alternatives then this has to be right? or do we just not care anymore as long as we get our gadgets and can tell our mates that we also now have an iSomething so i’m cool now too.

10,000 Marketplace apps, WP7 to hit milestone faster than iPhone or Android

Android market took 11 months to reach it, iPhone app store took 142 days to reach it, webos has not yet reached it and if you ignore the double ups and other useless apps then nothign comes close. Windows Phone 7 marketplace is poised to reach 10k apps today.

In my opinion the quality of apps on wp7 marketplace is far superior with very little double ups and distinct lack of single function apps such as fart machines, the WP7 Marketplace is looking very good indeed.

60 apps away from 10,000 Marketplace apps, WP7 to hit milestone faster than iPhone or Android.