Aussie websites hacked by Indo-Anon

over 100 Australian web sites were hacked yesterday by hackers claiming to be part of the Anonymous Indonesia.

The hackers claim to represent the Indonesian people in defiance to the latest revelations of Australia participating in spying on Indonesia with the NSA.

The sites were vandalised with text stating “Stop spying on Indonesia” and include mainly small business sites such as Australian Providores, Miss Pole Australia, Queensland Mango and NSW Tenant’s Union; seemingly random but most likely targeted based on vulnerabilities in server software.

More than 100 Australian websites attacked by activists – Security – Technology – News –


The Nokia Lumia 800 – My impressions after a couple of days use

The new Nokia Lumia phones certainly are sexy looking and seem by their weight and feel well build and solid. The weight is not noticeable being around or just under the weight of a HTC HD7.

The rounded screen looks great and the Clearblack display is hardly determinable from the boarder. The colour is strong and contrast sharp, it does look a little over tweaked though, almost as if you’ve gone and turned the saturation and contrast up a few notches. It should be noted that this is my first AMOLED screen so I’ll be comparing to the LCD of the HD7. The one thing I noticed is there is a visible mask on this screen that reminds me of the Trinitron CRT mask, this makes it seem like the screen is pixelating a little when it’s not.

The external speaker is great and being located at the bottom of the phone means your hand acts as a kind of gramophone horn. Making a call on speakerphone is surprisingly clear even out on a busy street and the caller at the other end has no idea you have them on speaker.
The sound out of the headphone jack is nice, although I’d like to have some adjustments to make it just how I like it. Unfortunately, with the case on, the headphone jack tends to push the plug out a little, well it does with my Sennheiser HD 25’s anyway, this can be quite annoying but not a problem without the case.

The camera takes some nice photos however, with a bright light in the frame the camera shows blurring and shots do not seem to reflect real colour. This may be due to the subsystem over adjusting, but it makes photos look almost like an HDR shot.

Overall it’s a nice feeling phone, even with the case it looks great and hard to tell if it is actually in the case. Will I replace my larger screen phone with this, not sure but that may be more to the size of my fingers ;P

I was disappointed by the lack of front camera and gyroscope, not sure this could be truly classed as a Gen 2 Windows Phone without those.

Score out of 10: 8.5/10 (let down by the screen mask and headphone problem as well as camera overcompensation)

Would I recommend this to someone: I would wait till the Lumia 900 comes out if you like bigger screen phones.

Technical Details:

CPU 1.4Ghz – Fast

Memory 512Mb – Fast

3D Graphics – Fast and very nice

Storage – slow

Battery – Good – 18 hours with very first charge and 2 exchange accounts using push, facebook, windows live, twitter and facebook with a few phone calls and some web browsing.

The Lumia 800 is now launched in Australia on all carriers for around $700 or I believe $40 plan.

More details and specs on the Nokia Site

The Aussie Designed and Owned Windows Tablet

That’s right you read correctly, Aussie designed and Aussie owned and Windows.

10.1” Capacative Multi-Touch Screen
    Windows 7Home Premium
    Long battery life10+ hours

Intel Z670 “Oak Trail” processor @ 1.5GHz
32GB SSD (optional 64GB)
2 x USB 2.0 port
1 x microSD slot (supports 32GB additional storage)
1 x HDMI port
Full HD video playback (1080p)
1.3 MP front facing camera
Video conferencing
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
3G + GPS (optional)

Maestro S.

Zombie bee’s taking out colonies

Bee’s in the US and other countries are experiencing large numbers of bee deaths, including whole colonies.

In Australia we have been lucky to have not experienced this to the same extent and we ship our queens off to help restock other populations throughout the world.

This is a very worrying problem and there have been a few research efforts to find out why this is happening, including a movie entitle “Silence of the Bees”.

“Since 2007, thousands of hives in the US have been decimated as bees inexplicably go missing overnight. The best explanation so far is that multiple stresses, perhaps parasitic mites, viruses or pesticides, combine to tip the bees over the edge.”

New studies from John Hafernik from San Francisco State University, along with his colleagues, has found that a parasitic fly could be the biggest contributor to this problem. The fly invades the bee and turns it into a mindless zombie.

via Parasitic fly could account for disappearing honeybees – life – 03 January 2012 – New Scientist.

Samsung expands injunction against Apple

I posted earlier that Samsung was seeking an injunction on sales of the iPhone in both Australia and Japan, but they are now expanding that to France and Italy.

I have to admire the brass balls on the Samsung legal team and wish them all the best in their fight against the Apple juggernaut.

Ironically Apple is Samsungs biggest customer buying screens and chips, but this is not and should not stop Samsung from protecting their patents.
Samsung expands sales ban requests against Apple | Reuters.

An open call for the ACCC to review anticompetative behaviour using patent law

This is becoming a huge issue for all Tech companies and it’s getting beyond a joke.
This recent ruling by an Australian judge to extend the injunction against Samsung by Apple to stop the Galaxy tablet from being sold is really showing itself as a bullying move to stop a competitor’s product from being sold.
The points on which Apple have effected this action are flimsy at the least.
This is a perfect example of why patent laws need reforming; it is damaging the progression of technology and driving out smaller players who simply cannot afford to fight these kinds of moves.
The lack of ability for Samsung to sell the Galaxy Tab is only hurting retailers in Australia in what is already a reduced market due to personal import and web purchasing.
I don’t even know why, when any product can be grey imported, any law could even be valid to block regional sales of any device.
ACCC time for a change! Acknowledge the generic nature of core technologies and the suffering local market and stop this kind of anticompetitive behaviour before it’s too late!

Apple Vs Samsung: Galaxy Tablet Injunction Stands [Updated] | Gizmodo Australia.