Snake stores sperm for five years then gives birth

Well, I knew a snake could slow it metabolism but to extend that to sperm from another snake is just kinda gross and amazing.
A rattlesnake in Florida has been kept alone in captivity for five years since 2005, no contact with any other snakes at all. Yet, amazingly enough, the snake gave birth!

Snake stores sperm for five years before giving birth – life – 24 October 2011 – New Scientist.


When will the 7 billionth human be born? – environment – 14 October 2011 – New Scientist

“ON 31 October, a newborn baby somewhere in the world will become the 7 billionth member of the human race.”

Amazing huh? and yet today I saw a morning show debating the right for families to choose the sex of unborn featuses as being unethical (it is also illegal but was not at first). This is for IVF method of course, this would not be done for natural births. Aparently in China it is illegal for a doctor to tell the parents the sex of a baby from ultrasound up until 18 weeks.

This fact of course also raises many concerns of how fast we are growing as a species and if this planet can actually sustain not only our actual bodies but the footprint of each of us on this planet.

Some very interesting points from all sides of the debates, I think we are just lucky enough to be in a society where we are both intelligent enough and free enough to have these debates.

via When will the 7 billionth human be born? – environment – 14 October 2011 – New Scientist.