Microsoft’s voice control on XBOX One

Micorosft have release a video detailing the natural language voice controls available on the new XBOX One….and hoping soon on Windows Phone possibly via the Cortana system.


Cortana: The Windows Phone personal assistant

Somehow I missed this when it was posted but I’ve just found it regardless.

Microsoft have been working on a Siri like personal assistant control with voice command. Windows Phone already has voice commands for system tasks and within apps but Cortana is said to bring even more to the experience. It is aparently backed by Microsofts “Satori” knowledge repository that also powers the Bing search engine.

Check the post below for more detail.

Cortana: Windows Phone’s Answer to Siri? | Mobile Tech | TechNewsWorld.

Control devices via location

Apple have filed and been granted a patent on using your location to control devices such ahs lights, heating and other home appliances.

The technology could allow you to have your house lights turn on as you enter the street, air conditioning come on to have your house at that ideal temperature as you step inside and much more.

As with most of Apple’s “technology”, home automation is not new, neither is the idea of having location triggered events; however Apple have brought the two together in this patent entitled “System and method of determining location of wireless communication devices/persons for controlling/adjusting operation of devices based on the location

I always question patents like this, Apple have tons of cash to fight patents and have a lot of power in that way when the technology already exisits. I guess with enough lawyers and patent experts you can word anything to sound specific and new or claim something already invented belongs to you, especially with the recent change declaring first to file rather than first to invent. A major flaw in the US Patent system if you ask me.

Apple patents location-based technology to control devices remotely | Apple – CNET News.

New Xbox LIVE experiences starts today

The new Metro interface of XBOX 360 as well as services such as Youtube, iView, Voice control, Kinect control and more come to Aussie XBOX’s starting today.
I’ve been lucky enough to have a play with the beta and I can tell you, it just works. An easy wave to your XBOX allows you to swipe through the menu’s and a simple “Xbox…do this” command will get you to much of your content.
This is indeed a triumphant day for XBOX as it delivers a very comprehensive and novel but usefull interaction by way of Kinect and Voice control.
In other news the XBOX companion app also launches along side this dashboard update to provide soem cool interection with your Windows Phone 7 device and your XBOX 360.

New Xbox LIVE experiences starts today.