Malcom Turnbull speaks on NBN Co strategic review

Mr. Turnbull, Communications Minister for the LNP government, is now speaking in question time on the review conducted by NBN Co on the LNP’s NBN model and costs and timings of the plan.

The review shows a cost blowout of over $11b but Mr. Turnbull still praises his model of FTTN.

He is speaking about who is involved and passing thanks.

Vodafone’s CEO Bill Morrow is to become the new NBN boss (becuase they have been so great at rolling out a network).

The review shows the LNP’s plan will be more expensive and will take longer than the promised 2016 date (yet another broken promise).

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More details are emerging but you can hear it directly yourself here.


The NBN Show continues in the Senate Estimates Committee

Senator Ludlam has a go at drawing information out of ex Telstra boss and now NBN Co chairman and interim CEO Ziggy Switkowski and struggles due to statements such as “this may breach commercial confidence” or “this is a ministerial issue to be address later” or even that “I’ve been outside of the telco industry for a number of years now”. It all sounds very light on in detail and wreaks of towing the party line.

Suggestions of not being able to estimate usage in 10 years time both for the negative and positive side are also mentioned with Ziggy asking what the significance of 1Gbit is with a response from the Senator of as significant if not more so than the change from dial-up to broadband.

Personally I do not expect anything else from the ex Telstra chief with how that network was rolled out and how technology innovations are handled within Telstra.

A great little dig towards then end from the Senator speaking of a cost benefit analysis and the fact that Dr. Switkowski has not been involved as yet “generally aware of, but not involved” he says (interesting that the chair and CEO of NBN Co is not involved don’t you think?). Senator Lundlam says “so you had no prior engagement or knowledge and were not involved in Professor Ergas’ involvement in those cost benefit analysis…..are you aware that professor Ergas is the only one that has conducted a cost benefit analysis of the NBN, he did it on his own time I understand. His results showed that you should not build it at all, a fascinating piece of work. Watch out for him!” he says.

Telstra sues NBN Co!

In a spectacular move by Telstra, the telco has filed with the NSW Supreme Court over the timing of payment from NBN Co to Telstra regarding pit access over the $11.2b AU deal stuck over the course of two years.

Telstra claims the payment should be made from the 2011 date when the two started talks for the deal, but NBN Co beleives it should pay the fees from the contract date in 2012.

Telstra is filing for $100M AU against NBN Co.

Tesltra say the timing has nothing to do with the renegotiation of the deal regarding a change from Labors Fibre-to-the-Home to LNPs Fibre-to-the-Node model however, this seems suspiciously timed.

via Telstra takes legal action against NBN Co.

NBN Co makes sweeping changes to site and delivery dates

In yet another hypocritical move by the LNP government, changes have been made to NBN Co’s delivery date and transparency on those dates.
IT News tells us that half a million ready for service connections are now in jeopardy.
Among the changes NBN Co have removed the monthly ready for service spreadsheets, now only available on a sales portal which seems,to contradict Mr. Turnbulls claim of allowing more transparency.
ITNews says “iTnews’ analysis of the new dataset shows an additional 509,250 premises in 256 fibre serving area modules (FSAMs) where a future with fibre-to-the-home is far less guaranteed.

These are rollout areas and premises that until now had been given a date on when to expect fibre-to-the-home connections that are ready to carry retail internet services. As of late last night, the ready for service date has been switched to “TBA”.”
This government was and is so quick to call out the supposed inefficiencies of others but does not shed itself in a good light with this kind of shady behavior.
More on this latest development can be found here.

A petition by the Australian Labor PArty can be signed here

Internode NBN Plans – High speed goodnes and reasonable caps

Internode :: Residential :: Fibre To The Home :: NBN Plans.


I don;t think sticking to these caps will be easy on such a high speed link, however Node always has the option of buying data blocks to get you through.

The pricing is very much in line with the current pricing and i think reasonable considering the speeds you get.


Below is an extract of Internodes pricing:


Entry – Line Interface of 25/5 Mbps
15 Gbytes
30 Gbytes
60 Gbytes
100 Gbytes
200 Gbytes
Mid – Line Interface of 50/20 Mbps
15 Gbytes
30 Gbytes
60 Gbytes
100 Gbytes
200 Gbytes
High – Line Interface of 100/40 Mbps
15 Gbytes
30 Gbytes
60 Gbytes
100 Gbytes
200 Gbytes

Some NBN Facts – Why it will be better than what we have.

So with the bickering and BS going on between Conroy and Turnbul, i think it’s worth defining a couple of facts.

1. NBN will not only provider higher speed but clearer transmissions, meaning that the data coming down the line will be cleaner and will work much better with things like streaming media.

2. NBN will not cost much more then current ADSL 2+, in fact Internode are already offering “ADSL2+” over fibre at the same cost and plan allowances as thier standard ADSL2+ plans.

3. No extra equipment will be required in your house, all you need to do is plug the network link directly into your current router or wireless (a firewall is advised of course however).

4. The NBN is already half way there, since doing a deal with Telstra, some existing fibre will be used bringing the cost and time of completion down.

5. The NBN is what we have been needing for the last 10 years, with notable quotes from people like Bill Gates saying we are years behind the rest when it comes to data networks in Australia, NZ have been ahead of us in ADSL for years.

6. Data costs in Australia are extremely expsensive and make things like “Cloud” computing unfeasible. The NBN will go a long way to rectifying that.

It’s pretty clear that this is the case, and no matter what BS pollies want to spit out these facts cannot be refuted. It will be a good thing, it may cost a lot, maybe even more than it should but it’s long called for and we must bite the bullet at some point.

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