TPG suffers critical outage

TPG Internet has had some issue this morning starting at around 9am. Expected resolution time is 3 hours.

TPG suffers critical outage – Telco/ISP – Technology – News –


Hawaiki trans-Pacific cable

The Hawaiki trans-Pacific cable is a cable linking Sydney and New Zealand to the US via Hawai and pacific islands along the way. It’s goal is to link Pacific nations to the US to develop AU, NZ and Pacific Island economies by furture proofing technology for them, almost like a Pacific NBN except not ruined by the Libs.

According to Hawaiki this means:

This means:
– Increase international broadband availability
– Stimulate economic growth by eliminating the double tyranny of distance and over-priced international bandwidth
– Introduce true competition in New Zealand and in the connected Pacific Islands
– Drop the cost of Internet access for the end-users

Thanks to its specific design, the Hawaiki Cable represents a solution to improve:

– Trans-Pacific connectivity between Australia, New Zealand and the US
– Trans-Tasman connectivity between Australia and New Zealand
– Hawaii connectivity to Continental US
– Pacific Islands connectivity to New Zealand, Australia and the US

With landing sites in the Northwest US, Sydney, New Zealand as well as Hawai and pacific islands, this means even more bandwidth to the region. Something we can never have too much of.

The full details of the cable can be viewed here.


NBN Co makes sweeping changes to site and delivery dates

In yet another hypocritical move by the LNP government, changes have been made to NBN Co’s delivery date and transparency on those dates.
IT News tells us that half a million ready for service connections are now in jeopardy.
Among the changes NBN Co have removed the monthly ready for service spreadsheets, now only available on a sales portal which seems,to contradict Mr. Turnbulls claim of allowing more transparency.
ITNews says “iTnews’ analysis of the new dataset shows an additional 509,250 premises in 256 fibre serving area modules (FSAMs) where a future with fibre-to-the-home is far less guaranteed.

These are rollout areas and premises that until now had been given a date on when to expect fibre-to-the-home connections that are ready to carry retail internet services. As of late last night, the ready for service date has been switched to “TBA”.”
This government was and is so quick to call out the supposed inefficiencies of others but does not shed itself in a good light with this kind of shady behavior.
More on this latest development can be found here.

A petition by the Australian Labor PArty can be signed here

Waterfox – Firefox in 64bit!

It was brought to my attention that, even though Mozilla haven’t released one, there is a 64bit build of Firefox available.
So far only IE has provided a 64bit variant of their browser leaving the choice for more stable code very limited.

I found myself wondering why Firefox hadn’t been compiled in 64bit, well, wonder no more! Waterfox comes to the rescue!

Waterfox will install and import to look exactly like Firefox except for one thing, the groovy blue fox and world logo.

Most plugins are compatible and i found that none of mine had any problems except for having to load 64bit versions of flash and silverlight. IE Tab, Downthemall, firebug and personas came across perfectly as did my sync profile and personal settings and bookmarks.

The browser is fast and does not suffer from some of the delays experienced in the past such as freezing on downloads or PDF’s.

Grab it from the below link and do yourself a favour!
Waterfox | Home | The fastest 64-Bit variant of Firefox!.

Toyota’s new concept car is more like a touchpad computer on wheels

Gotta love Toyota’s innovation, even if it is a bit out there for reality.

The latest offering in a concept car called the Fun-Vii, has huge touch screen sides instead of doors that drivers can reportedly use to surf the net while sitting or standing next to their car.
The car is quite impractical of course, as are most concept cars, but I for one would love to have one so i can have my own cusomt animated paint job and then watch movies with mates on the side o fmy car parked at the beach on a summer afternoon 🙂

Toyota Concept Car Has Giant Touchscreen Doors | Gizmodo Australia.

NBN…it’s coming…so is xmas :P

The NBN Co recently announced a 12 month rollout plan that finally starts to bring NBN access to people in larger cities. Some of Sydney’s cities include Penrith and Homebush.
I know I for one am looking forward to it so I can deliver this site to you much quicker, among other things.
Check the link below for NBN coming near you…
NBN Co – Rollout Plan.