Gizmodo Small tablet test

Gizmodo have tested three top contenders in the ~7 inch tablet market. Apple fans will be surprised to hear that the iPad mini comes in a distant last, with the Kindle Fire HDX coming in at one and closely matched by the Nexus 7.

See below for details:

The Best Small Tablet Display (Hint: It’s Not The iPad Mini) | Gizmodo Australia.


ViewSonic Battles Amazon in tablet wars

Viewsonic have announced a tablet obviously meant to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Viewsonic 7e is priced at $200 and while falling short on some specs, actually packs more punch in features.

“Specs-wise, the 7e isn’t terrible for a $200 mobile device, but it doesn’t compare favorably to the Fire, at least in terms of raw processing power. The 7e runs a 1GHz single-core chip based on ARM’s A8 architecture, whereas the Fire runs a dual-core 1GHz chip. Both tablets will include a modest 512MB of RAM.

There’s only 4GB of internal storage in the 7e — 4GB less than the Fire — but that storage can be augmented with a microSD card, expandable up to 32GB. The Fire, meanwhile, is not expandable. The 7e also sports both rear- and front-facing cameras, two items that Amazon’s hardware lacks.”

via ViewSonic Budget Tablet to Battle Amazon Fire | Gadget Lab |

This is why the new Kindle Tablet will beat the iPad

I’m not going to add much to this because I think the quoted and linked article does a really good job of it. It’s based around the new Amazon Tablet that I have been trying to find an excuse to blog about.

“I use the computer to work. While it’s fair to say that the iPad can be used to create content, I really don’t have time to tap away on a touchscreen when I have a perfectly good MacBook Air. The features that set the iPad above the Kindle Fire are wasted on me. I don’t need those. I’ll never edit a video on the iPad. I have Final Cut Pro for that. Taking pictures on a tablet is ludicrous, I have an iPhone for quick shots and a DSLR to make me feel like I’m talented. It comes down to features and price. It’s too much, for too much.

The Kindle Fire fills that tiny tablet gap in my life. It only has the features I really care about at a price point that’s reasonable. It’s more than reasonable, it’s pretty great. But more importantly, it’s the colour Kindle I’ve been waiting for. I don’t care about built-in 3G. That’s what Mi-Fis are for. The camera on our iPad was used the first week just to point out how horrible the pictures looked. The only downsides to the Kindle Fire are the lack of external speaker and Bluetooth. But these aren’t deal breakers in my book.”

via Why The Kindle Fire Beat The iPad 2 (For Me) | Gizmodo Australia.