NFC payments, what’s stopping them?

Quite simply put all that is needed for using your mobile phone to pay for goods in Australia is a sim card with a secure element.
Microsoft wallet on Windows Phone 8 is ready to go with Microsoft confirming it is supported in Australia.
The banks will have you believe that they need to do extensive testing and certification but in actual fact they need not have anything to do with NFC payments.
Google’s wallet also works but is not yet enabled for Australia, although can be with some modifications.
The fact that we don’t have NFC payments already is a real shame when hardware vendors are ready to go, Visa and Mastercard are ready to go, we just need that secure element.


Sydney’s new Opal card

Transport NSW has recently started a trial of the NFC enabled Opal card.
The idea of this card is to tap on at the start of your ride and tap off at the end.
The system is, supposedly, designed to be more granular in its section system unlike the current system where a MyZone 3 may be required when your stop is just beyond the 5 section length. This trip should really only cost you 6 sections but you are required to buy a 6-10 section ticket.
There are several questions I have around the Opal card system:
1. How granular is the recording of sections?
2. What’s stopping anyone from doing a sly tap half way along their route and not getting off till the end?
3. Can the NFC tag be loaded onto an NFC compatible phone so that your phone can be used?
4. What happens if you forget to tap off or the station you get off at has no Opal tap points? How much are you charged then?

My local route does have an Opal enabled bus on it so I intend on checking this out sometime soon.
The Opal card is available on trial for the city circle to chatswood line and on selected bus routes. It’ll cost you $30 (this is your credit) to sign up to the trial at

Windows Phone shows active development in stats

There have been approximately 4 public updates already so far with one major one codenamed “Mango” bringing the build up to 7.1 build 7720. Another update recently brought the build to 7740 and added WiFi tethering, allowing your phone to act as a WiFi hotspot.
Another new build is showing up indicating what could be the new “tango” update, touted to be bringing things such as LTE and NFC.

New builds of Windows Phone showing up on stats sites | WMPoweruser.

Is this Nokia’s saving grace? 900 leaked specs

Nokia have been talking about Windows Phone on some of their devices for a while and the net is alive with rumours of what it will be called, what it will look like and how good it will be.

Well here is yet another rumour but a juicy one at that!

4.3″ AMOLED scree, 1.4Ghz Snapdragon, 1Gb of Ram and 512Mb rom. 8Mpixel Carl Zeis Camera with dual led, 16 or 23Gb memory option, NFC and an 1800mAh battery. Looks the goods but can it walk the walk lol


Nokia 900 specifications leak? – ForeverWP.