Control devices via location

Apple have filed and been granted a patent on using your location to control devices such ahs lights, heating and other home appliances.

The technology could allow you to have your house lights turn on as you enter the street, air conditioning come on to have your house at that ideal temperature as you step inside and much more.

As with most of Apple’s “technology”, home automation is not new, neither is the idea of having location triggered events; however Apple have brought the two together in this patent entitled “System and method of determining location of wireless communication devices/persons for controlling/adjusting operation of devices based on the location

I always question patents like this, Apple have tons of cash to fight patents and have a lot of power in that way when the technology already exisits. I guess with enough lawyers and patent experts you can word anything to sound specific and new or claim something already invented belongs to you, especially with the recent change declaring first to file rather than first to invent. A major flaw in the US Patent system if you ask me.

Apple patents location-based technology to control devices remotely | Apple – CNET News.


Rockstar sues the Mobile industry

Google and Samsung are among the companies being sued by Rockstar, a consortium of companies including Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Blackberry and Ericsson. The group recently formed to buy the Nortel patents in auction in a bid to secure it’s huge portfolio of patents, over 6000 in fact.

Rockstar have been working hard to reverse engineer the patents secured under the deal in an attempt to identify any infringments on them. Something they seem to have made prgress on with a statement issued that “Pretty much anybody out there is infringing…..It would be hard for me to envision that there are high-tech companies out there that don’t use some of the patents in our portfolio.” by John Veschi, CEO of Rockstar.

Rockstar have accused Google of infringing 7 Nortel patents covering technology that helps match internet searches with advertising according to Reuters. While Samsung is accused of another 7 infringments related to the user interfaces, messaging, notifications and more.

More at The Verge:
Google and Samsung sued for patent infringement by major tech consortium | The Verge.

Apple just isn’t so squeeky clean anymore…

Proview International Holdings Ltd is a major computer monitor maker in China. They have recently brought a case against Apple in Chinese courts claiming infringement on the trademark “ipad”. The Chinese courts ruled against Proview in regards to suspending sales in mainland china of Apple’s iPad devices.

It has now brought the case to California with a view to stop sales of the iPAD in USA.

“Proview accuses Apple of creating a special purpose entity — IP Application Development Ltd, or IPAD — to buy the iPad name from it, concealing Apple’s role in the matter.

In its filing, Proview alleged lawyers for IPAD repeatedly said it would not be competing with the Chinese firm, and refused to say why they needed the trademark.

Those representations were made “with the intent to defraud and induce the plaintiffs to enter into the agreement,” Proview said in the filing dated February 17, requesting an unspecified amount of damages.”

via Apple’s China legal battle over iPad spreads to U.S. | Reuters.

Come on ACCC this is getting rediculous!

Apple have unbeleivibly one an appeal to the lifting of an injunction to stop Samsung selling the Galaxy tab in Australia.

This is getting beyond a joke, Samsung would be up for huge damages against Apple and should already start, The ACCC should be stepping in here on claims of anti-compeditive behaviour.

It’s about time all this BS stopped and Apple swollow their pride and admmit they did not invent the world and they cannot claim patents for everything. This just pisses me off to be quite honest.

I’ll put $100 on the High Court judges using Apple devices and rulling in favour of their favourite!

Samsung tablet sales banned again – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

HTC not violating FlashPoint patent

A small win for HTC with the ITC today with a case against them by FlashPoint.

ITC ruled that it was not infringing even though three other manufacturers had settled.

“An ITC judge said in July that HTC did not infringe the FlashPoint technology in making its Android and Windows smartphones. The full commission upheld that decision.

The ITC said it terminated the investigation.”

via HTC does not violate FlashPoint patent, ITC says | Reuters.

HTC Under Fire…Still

Poor HTC, if you follow my blogs and tweets at all then you’ll have figured that HTC is pretty much my favourite phone manufacturer. They have been making phones longer than you could imagine with device like the Palm Pree and HP’s mobile messengers among many others being made by them; this is why they have the tag line of “Quietly Brilliant”. I celebrated the day they finally decided to sell retail devices under their own brand.

That being said, they have had good an dbad hardware, but this is the case with an innovator such as HTC. They have learned the hard lessons and it shows in the mature products they bring to the market now.

Unfortunately, bringing their brand to the market makes them a target for the all to common and well know patent trolling that is going on between the gadget and IT manufacturers right now.

In the latest news, the German patent firm IPCom are making plans to stop the sale of HTC devices throughout Germany, hurting the already struggling manufacturer in a critical sales period. HTC have been reporting drops in sales for a while now and stocks have dropped 30% in eight straight days.

HTC decided to withdraw the appeal against this ruling and have opened themselves up to attack by IPCom.

HTC have aparently puled this due to a German patent court questioning the validity of the claim. It also has several other patents it can concentrate on fighting.

It’s a real shame that this patent trolling has gotten so out of hand, technology will soon start suffering as companies realise the risk of “inventing” technology that could be infringing on such general patents. It’s abotu time that this is halted and we allow technology to progress and release patents to public domain to be used for the greater good. Oh sorry I drifted off into a dream utopia there 😛
Patent firm IPCom says to stop HTC German sales | Reuters.

Motorola wins out against Apple

Motorola have filed for and won and injunction against Apple in German courts this week.
“This is a procedural issue and has nothing to do with the merits of the case,” Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said on Monday. “It does not affect our ability to sell products or do business in Germany at this time.”
Apple had already made the remark that Motorola should not be allowed to proceed as they would be unable to represent the case while in a merger with Google after they aquired Motorola Mobility recently.
The German court obviously thought differently and ruled that Apple may not sell two products that infringe on two of Motorola Mobility patents or face a fine of up to 250k euros.

Motorola wins preliminary ban vs Apple in Germany | Reuters.