Update: Gartner market share results for Q3 2013

This is an update to my previous posts here and here with Gartner now chiming on with thier results.

Essentially they are saying that smartphone sales accounted for 55% of overall mobile phone sales in Q3 of 2013.

Worldwide phone sales totaled 455.6 million which is an increase of 5.7% on the same time last year.

By vendor, Samsung rule the roost even though growth was flat for them with Apple trailing behind with a less than expected growth and small decline due to late shipments. Lenovo rank in third with a large market in China and LG, Huawei trail respectively behind them.

By operating system, Android rules with iOS second, Windows Phone third and Blackberry, Bada and Symbian trailing respectively behind them.

In maobile phone sales by vendor (smart and dumb phones), Samsung rule with Nokia coming up next followed by Apple, LG, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo, TCL, Sony, Yulong and others following respectively.




Nokia Lumia 1020 bests Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One in action shots, low-light imaging

Phones4U have tested these phones in a duel of imaging, including low-light and action shots. Below is the test:

Phones4U: Nokia Lumia 1020 bests Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One in action shots, low-light imaging | WMPoweruser.

Tablet market shakeup, Samsung leads in customer satisfaction

Engadget bring us a J.D. Power study that shows that Samsung lead the way in owner satisfaction with Apple second and Amazon third.

The study ranked tablets by manufacturer and scored them on a 1000 point scale. Samsung scored 835 with Apple scoring 833 and 826 for Amazon.

The study was based in the U.S. and is evaluated on 3375 tablet owners. It was conducted between March and August 2013. It uses metrics such as performance, ease of operation, styling and design, features and cost.

More here via Engadget: Note this: Samsung tablets rank highest in J.D. Power’s owner satisfaction study.

Rockstar sues the Mobile industry

Google and Samsung are among the companies being sued by Rockstar, a consortium of companies including Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Blackberry and Ericsson. The group recently formed to buy the Nortel patents in auction in a bid to secure it’s huge portfolio of patents, over 6000 in fact.

Rockstar have been working hard to reverse engineer the patents secured under the deal in an attempt to identify any infringments on them. Something they seem to have made prgress on with a statement issued that “Pretty much anybody out there is infringing…..It would be hard for me to envision that there are high-tech companies out there that don’t use some of the patents in our portfolio.” by John Veschi, CEO of Rockstar.

Rockstar have accused Google of infringing 7 Nortel patents covering technology that helps match internet searches with advertising according to Reuters. While Samsung is accused of another 7 infringments related to the user interfaces, messaging, notifications and more.

More at The Verge:
Google and Samsung sued for patent infringement by major tech consortium | The Verge.

Windows Phone 8 to slay the competiton

While i disagree with some of the “catch up” statements in this article, it certainly details many of the big improvements to look forward to with the next build of Windows Phone.

Many people hate the OS simply due to it’s name, but I believe people are waking up to the rubbish iCrap devices and realizing there is a choice, and a very decent one at that.

Windows Phone is one of them and couple with Windows 8 and the new line of Windows 8 tablets due out, I think Apple have a lot to be scared of.

The below article details the Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” features and changes.
How Windows Phone 8 ‘Apollo’ Would Stack Up Against iOS 5, Android 4 | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

Come on ACCC this is getting rediculous!

Apple have unbeleivibly one an appeal to the lifting of an injunction to stop Samsung selling the Galaxy tab in Australia.

This is getting beyond a joke, Samsung would be up for huge damages against Apple and should already start, The ACCC should be stepping in here on claims of anti-compeditive behaviour.

It’s about time all this BS stopped and Apple swollow their pride and admmit they did not invent the world and they cannot claim patents for everything. This just pisses me off to be quite honest.

I’ll put $100 on the High Court judges using Apple devices and rulling in favour of their favourite!

Samsung tablet sales banned again – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).